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[crumina_heading layout=”underlined” heading=”URW-295 – Mini Spyder Crane” subheading=”Versatile, powerful and compact, the UNIC 295 sets the benchmark for precision engineering and unparalleled lifting technology. The 28ft boom provides a maximum lifting height of 28.8ft, while an optional fly jib gives a further 4.9ft reach.

Featuring Lift-Smart Advanced Safety System, the URW-295 includes a safe load indicator to prevent the crane operating outside of its safe working envelope. The UNIC URW-295 has been used for a broad variety of applications, from construction work and plant maintenance, to steel erection, cladding installation, railway maintenance and more.

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Capacity 2.9t x 4.59ft
Total width 1.96ft
Max working radius 27.59ft
Max boom length 28.37ft
Max lifting height 28.8ft (32ft with fly jib, 34ft with fixed hook)
Radio remote control as standard (cable remote optional)
Working area limitation
Optional slew limitation
Intelligent throttle activation for economy and ecology
Optional low marking tracks
Maximum wind speed for safe use is 22mph”][crumina_button button_size=”large” button_type=”bordered” button_style=”rounded” button_align=”center” button_link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Faccessminicrane.flywheelsites.com%2Fcontact-us%2F|||” button_text=”rental information”]

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